November 11, 2014 Meeting

5:30 p.m. at the University Club, 10th floor of the Fifth-Third Bank Building in downtown Grand Rapids. Free parking in the 5/3 underground parking area. Enter from Monroe and tell the attendant you are with the Torch club.

November 11, 2014 Dinner Menu: Spinach Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Pan Seared Walleye with Piccata Sauce, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli Parmesan, Pumpkin Cheesecake, House-made Rolls, Coffee and Tea Service

MARIO ATIAS, Technical Manager at GE Aviation Systems, Grand Rapids,  “Flight Management System: Making Flight Safer, Greener and More Affordable”

Mario AtiasThis month, we will soar on the wings of eagles, high above the ground with our guest speaker, Mario Atias. His presentation will focus on the advances in airborne computing that enable flight planners and airplane crews to shorten flight times and achieve an optimal trajectory that results in less fuel consumption. We will gain insights into the airline industry and the behind the scenes activity that keep our tickets inexpensive, keep our environment clean and reduce errors in flight. These systems also reduce holding times before landing at busy airports and help prevent missed approaches. The modern Flight Management Computers enable better utilization of the airspace by reducing distance between aircraft while also increasing safety and reducing crew workloads.

This exciting talk will include explanations of the main components of a flight management system and its general operation, the challenges associated with its development and certification as well as future expected enhancements to airborne computing systems.

Mario Atias is currently a Technical Manager of Flight Management Systems at GE Aviation Systems and is responsible for system specification, design and verification for a variety of implementations on various civil and military airplanes. Born in Romania, Mario grew up and was educated in Israel. He obtained a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. He served for six years as an engineer in the Israeli Air Force from where he was discharged with the rank of captain. Since 1985 he has worked at General Electric in a variety of roles such as software engineer, systems engineer, engineering project manager and systems technical manager. Most of his career has been dedicated to the development of Flight Management Systems. Mario’s other interests include Fluid Dynamics, photography, art and music. Mario and his wife Talia live here in Grand Rapids and they have one daughter.

Please join us in our new Torch Club season with drinks, dinner, great conversation and an enjoyable evening with your friends at Torch Club. See you there!

Drinks and meet and greet begins at 5:30 pm and dinner normally begin at 6:00 p.m.  Reservations can be made below.