Torch Is...

interacting with persons from other professions.

Torch Clubs operate in 75 locations across the United States and Canada, each drawing is its membership from the local professional community. The sharing of knowledge and exchange of opinions across professional lines is at the heart of the Torch experience, making it uniquely beneficial in these days of increasingly narrow specialization. Torch does not exist to champion causes or to participate in civic projects, but rather to enrich its members by the sharing of knowledge, opinions, and insights across professional boundaries in the spirit of free inquiry. Torch members share a social and intellectual adventure.

listening to stimulating papers or presentations on subjects of  interest.

The highlight of each Torch club dinner meeting is a presentation of a paper or talk by a member of the club, or by a guest. The Torch Paper shares knowledge and points of view, attracts intellectual curiosity, opens new avenues of thought, and stimulates energetic discussion. Topics range as widely as do the interests and expertise of the club's membership.  Visit our Past Programs page for a sampling of topics presented. Preparing and presenting a paper is not a requirement for membership in the Grand Rapids Torch club, however we are always thrilled when our members are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

discussing subjects of interest in a congenial setting.

exchanging ideas with persons from other spheres of interest and expertise.

participating in free inquiry and expression.

Members of local clubs attend meetings not just to listen passively, but to discuss the topic, explore the ideas and issues it raises, challenge the speaker or each other, but always enjoying the stimulation that comes from participation. The dinner conversation that precedes the paper offers an opportunity to engage some of your community's most interesting and invigorated minds.

The Torch Convention

Torch International sponsors an annual convention and all members and their guests are welcome. The convention is hosted by a local Torch club(s) and is held in the last week of June each year. Five or six high quality papers are presented during the convention which are selected from among those submitted. A number of awards are presented and a few business meetings are scheduled to attend to International club issues. The June 2015 convention will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Torch conventions are filled with enjoyable events and associations with interesting people of all ages and from all walks of life. The hotel accommodations are always excellent, the food superb, the papers engaging and the dialogue sparkling.

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