The first Torch Club was organized in 1924 and was originally restricted to members of learned professions. The definition of learned professions has widened since those early days, and now each Torch Club has the right to set their own membership boundaries! The Grand Rapids Chapter welcomes anyone who interested in learning and expanding their knowledge and horizons.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Grand Rapids Torch club click on the link below to open a PDF file of the membership application form. (Requires Adobe Reader to open the file.) Fill out the form and return it to the address at the top of the form. Annual dues are only $80.  If you have further questions about Torch membership please use our contact page.

Join Torch

Membership Benefits

Guests are always welcome at Grand Rapids Torch club meetings. You may attend as a guest as long as you make reservations and pay the $33 non-member meeting fee - which includes your meal (members pay  a reduced meal/meeting fee of $29). We hope that you will find our group to be welcoming and stimulating, such that you will wish to officially join our ranks and become a full fledged member of Torch!

Local membership includes membership in the International Association of Torch Clubs. A portion of your dues goes to International Torch, a non-profit organization which provides common administrative services to the 75 local clubs which are divided into 9 regions. The International organization also distributes 2 publications and organizes an annual convention hosted by a local chapter.

The Torch magazine and Torchlight

Since 1930, selected Torch papers have appeared in The Torch magazine, published 3 times a year by the International Torch organization. All Torch members receive a subscription to the The Torch magazine, and local members are encourage to submit papers for publication. In addition, members also receive the Torch International communications newsletter The Torchlight.